Comments and Spam

Comments and spam are a hassle for a single person to go through. especial when one person gets spammed over 86,000 times.

I will have to change the way I do things to make it more stream line or just better. There has to be an efficient way to do things. That I have not thought of or done yet.

Hear is my adventure in trying to get rid of my spam. I have been slowly figuring things out on my own with trial and error. That is not the best way to do busses.

I started saying this was a spam comment on every comment that I had just to get rid of them. well then I realized that not all was spam. There are still spam comments on my website as of right now 78,861. You my readers don’t see them but I do.

I figured that I should go to all of my post that had comments. I would enter the comment page and read through them or spam them. By doing this I realized I should comment on some of these post too. That makes perfect since to me. (you too right)

With doing that I found out that most were still spam comments. That is no fun but I was able to comment on the ones that were not spam. (yay me)

That took a lot of time to go through. 25 different post with 3-458 comments on them. I got it done.

That leads to the Post that has the largest amount of spam comments. Conversations with a professor from Sweden. On this post I turn off Comments so I could not get any more. Then just with no care in the world deleting everything 20 comments a page at a time.

That was taking forever. Like forever to do.

I realized I am working to hard to do this. As one of my favorite youtubers says “work smarter not harder.” Thanks Roberto Blake.

I decided to start looking at the different buttons on the comments page. One of which says screen options. With pressing that I went from 20 comments a page to 100 comments a page.

I am going to get rid of all of the stupid comments. Some of which are scary that they post. Why would some one write on my page Children P**N. I don’t want that on my page at all. I do not condone that and I am deleting all of the right away. I think I am going to start writing down those email and user names and giving them to WordPress or others people in authority so they can do something with the information. I don’t know what else I can do about that.

This is a long process that I am learning. There is going to be more trial and error with my website but I will figure it out.