Finished Blog to Bank

I finally finished the blog to bank challenge. I used it as a process of figuring out what I would and should do for my website/blog. I think I was a good thing that I tried this. During the process I had to really look inside and see what I want to do with my […]

Accountability & Support

Accountability and support is the last of the blog to bank challenge day 5 homework questions? Rachel ngom really said “do you have an accountability and support system in place to keep you on track to creating and selling your course?” Well I am not selling a course at all. I am creating blog post […]

How much money?

Home much money? Is another homework assignment from the blog to bank challenge by Rachel Ngom. What it really says is “how much money are you aiming to make in the next 90 days? How many sales will make it happen?” Truth be told I don’t plane on making any money in the next 90 […]

If I create an online course

If I created an online course? It is the last day of the blog to bank challenge by Rachel Ngom homework assignment. What it really says is “if you were to create an online course considering your skills and expertise what would it be about?” That is just it. I don’t think that I consider […]