Finally a subscription service

I finally decided to do the research to get a subscription service. It was interesting. No I have an email subscription stuff. For all the people who are reading my blog my website and all that fun stuff I finally figure it out. I have been reading your comments with you saying you wanted me […]

If I create an online course

If I created an online course? It is the last day of the blog to bank challenge by Rachel Ngom homework assignment. What it really says is “if you were to create an online course considering your skills and expertise what would it be about?” That is just it. I don’t think that I consider […]

Starting Today

Starting today I will do everything I have been complaining about. I will figurer out scheduling and post all of the blogs that need to be posted. I will write blog post I have been meaning to write. I will make sure all of the travel I have done is in blog post. There will […]

Book Reviews

Book Review are something I am thinking about starting. I have been reading a lot of books. Should I review them for you my readers. My website is called A Bored Goodwin for a reason. I do things because I am bored and need something todo. I have been reading books. So I should review […]

Do I need Pictures

Do I need Pictures? Well with what other websites and people in the comments have said yes I do. Some of what I have written so far don’t lend to having pictures in them but I might work harder on putting them in. With saying that do people what to see pictures of writings to […]