Should I Monetize my Blog

Should I monetize my blog is a statement on day five of the blog to bank challenge. It takes you through the different ways you can monetize a blog. Affiliate products – This is the one I will most likely use. It is easy and simple for the most part if you use amazon. With […]

What am I Selling

What am I selling? Is a homework question for the blog to bank challenge day 4. Well it rely says “what is it that your selling or you want to sell through your blog?” In which case is a great question for me to answer. I do not know what I want to sell is […]

Starting a Blog and Publishing its Content

Starting a blog and publishing content without an end product in mind (i.e. you can’t monetize a blog if you don’t know what your selling). This is another blog to bank challenge question that I found.  I need to figure this out.  It is a great question or statement.   I have started this blog […]