Born To Write

Those who were Born to Write and then there are those who can’t write a word even if their life depended on it.

Well I am back at the Blog 2 Bank Challenge by Rachel Ngom answering questions from the Emails she gave us.  Trying to figure out who I am in the Blogging world.  This is day two Questions/Statements if found I should answered 1&2. 

I am not a person who was born to write.  It takes me forever to write the 300 words that people and WordPress say you should write in your different blog post. I was working on being consistent but that went to hell but I will get to that point again and these questions will help me out.  I can’t think about what to write most of the time but I am getting better.

I cant site down to write something off the cuff but I have been writing a fantasy book over the last 10 years by hand. That is different than a blog post I am writing right now.  I have been able to write on topics given to me but oh boy if I have to write a paper for school it is like pulling my own teeth out.  in other words that seen in Castaway were Tom Hanks character to an ice skate and pounded it in to his mouth to get the molar out of it.

It is something I have to work on in my life.  I have been thinking about typing up my book to try to get it published and I might tell you all about it.  That is something I can write about into the future the prosses of getting a book published.  It can go with the other posts that you my audience have been expecting from me conversations with stranger.  

I do these things because I am bored but also to say I have done that.  I will get better with all of this.