Book Reviews

Book Review are something I am thinking about starting.

I have been reading a lot of books. Should I review them for you my readers.

My website is called A Bored Goodwin for a reason. I do things because I am bored and need something todo. I have been reading books. So I should review said books to prove I am doing different things I have been bored.

I am not an authority in reading or books but I do enjoy to pass time. There are so many books I have in storage that I could read again and review for my readers. I will start with what I know. The books I own. I would love to buy new books but that involves money I don’t have right now.

I like my books and there authors. I should broaden my reading material but its what I have to work with but then again I could always go to the libraries and get new ones. These are things I have to look into.

Yet if I use the ones I already have that means I can help the authors get to more people in the world.

There are some books I want to read but I can only read them on a kindle are something along those lines. The Authors are in a different country and I cant get them shipped to the states for some stupid reason.

I have think I can make this in to a form. Witch would lead in to a book club of something new to read outside what I read. I could even start a YouTube channel about so you can see what I think about the book. I am a better public speaker and I am as a writer.

I need to go back to my roots in why I made my website.

I think I am going to start reviewing books that I have.

I have to start somewhere.