Blog Stats

Blog Stats is Another thing that was part of the Blog to Bank Challenge was keeping an eye on stats. I know what they are but I really don’t know how to use them, or I am a genius with using them. Comment down below you opinion of this statement.

I have not posted regularly but I have been getting better at it. There have been some scheduling problems which lead to somethings not being posted. Things that could and have been working on. I have been posting more often and not forgetting to write post I just need to remember to post them or make sure they are posted. Not just being put into drafts alike everything else and not shown to the public.

Posting everyday and at different times of the day means I can find out when it is the best time to post my best articles. Then the post that I don’t know if people will like I can make it a second post of the day and maybe get someone to read it. That is one of those things that I am working on. Which would lead to me being able to have lots of conversations with people and scheduling them to be the same time every week or every day.

I have been reading my stats and I need to post more consistently. Well that is a given I have been saying that for a while. This is something I have been working on and will do better on starting when I start. but I need to get this scheduling thing down now so it will happen.

The Blog Stats that I have say Monday at 8:00 am is the best time for me to post. Well if that is true I can write post ahead of time and have them go out at 8 every morning. That sounds like something I can do.

If I keep an eye on the stats I can change that when it changes. That’s a Good thing to keep track of.