Being gone again

First off I’m sorry for being gone again.

Im still trying to post every day then I forget to post for at lest the last 12 day. I need to make this a good habit. Well I am doing better than when I started and it would be months between posting. I have a list of questions from blog to bank challenge to still do.

I have been traveling from the east coast back to California. With planing for the flight and jet leg I forgot to post. I’m sorry about that.

School started again for me and I get stressed about that all the time so I will need to get over that. There’s a story to that that will be posted about at some point in time.

I need to post more.

I have had my first few comments in the last few days and try to reply back and approve the comments. Let’s just say that I needed to figure out how to do that. It took a few tries to get my reply to the comments on the website. I had to learn how to approve the comments the reply to them. If not the website did something crazy.

Thank you for all of the comments and words of support.

To the people who asked me about a email subscriber thing. No I do not have one as of 10-12-2018. It is something I could work on. But until then if you have a Twitter account all my post hear on @aboredgoodwin gets put on to Twitter. I use IFTT (if this then that) to post it. Just a heads up on the Twitter I also us IFTT to post wounds of the day, NASA pictures, and some pictures from Instagram. You should really look at what I post to see if you want that on your feed. I prefer to be up front about it. The I also tweet things out when I think something up that is on the random side or about what I am watching on the tv.

Yay I just tried to sell you on my Twitter account. You either fallow or you don’t. As of right now I have 9 followers and if no one else fallows me I’m ok with it.

I will try to post more.

To help with that I should probably figure out how to schedule post after writing them in bulk. That might help me with posting every day.

Let’s see if I can do it.

Once again I am sorry about not posting very often.