Adventures in the past year

I have had some adventures in the past year.

This is what I should have been doing posting about them on line.  The places I have been is New York, Arizona twice, San Francisco, Virginia, New Orleans, Chicago, Georgia, St. Simons Island, Las Vegas, Utah, Zion, and Death Valley. 

I have started vlogs but became to chicken shite to post them on YouTube.   One of the reasons that happen is because I don’t like talking to a my phone on in public like all of the big Youtubers have done.  I have started a lot but not done any thing with it.  I need to do something with all the videos I have.  I will post all at least by the end of year. they are basically all talking hear videos.  They have been getting better and better over the last year.  

I am planning to post about my adventures by the end of the year.  Because one of the ways to get people to read you blog is to post more often.  Well I am going to post more and tell people about my adventures.  With having these adventure I have meet a lot of interesting people.  Had some amazing conversation with strangers that I could post more about.  I really like my conversations with strangers.  There are some conversations that I have had that in the past that have stuck with me so I should write about them.  I have also realized that I have more conversations with strangers when I travel alone  than with my family.  

I am getting better at all of this blogging thing.  There are many post to look forward to in the next month.  

Heads up I might be going to Maui something in the next month so something to look forward to.  Might be coming up so I should be posting during the trip. Lets see if I can find out a way to do it.