Accountability & Support

Accountability and support is the last of the blog to bank challenge day 5 homework questions? Rachel ngom really said “do you have an accountability and support system in place to keep you on track to creating and selling your course?”

Well I am not selling a course at all. I am creating blog post and being accountably in what I do. I have the support system in place for my everyday life but for and course no.

I have been taking my time to post things to become more accountable and creative when it comes to my blog post. I almost did not do the last days homework or statements in a blog post at all, because I was never going to sell a course. It was all about selling and creating a course. I have answered the homework questions with still being me.

The homework questions and the different statements that were made in the challenge. I made into blog post to help me start writing my blog post. I thought that was a good idea. For the most part I did at least 300 words like different websites say to do for blog post. Sometimes not so much but I still wrote the post and became me.

I just don’t feel confident in making a online course for people because that is just not me. if I am going to sell you something it is going to be something that is a physical product that you can touch and feel. I feel that you get your moneys worth that way.

I am in no way saying online courses are bad they are grate ways to make money. People can learn a lot from them. Hell I have even bought online books and other resources to help with everything that I am doing. I am not saying you can’t get help with these online things. I am saying I am not going to make one my self.