My last name is Goodwin. I get bored during the day like most people but instead of staying bored I go off and do something about it. 

I am on the north side of 30. Grew up in a small town in California and a nick name for it is “town of the newlywed nearly dead”, because there were mostly newlyweds and retired people in the community an only a few kids my own age. If you whent to school together you New everything that your classmates because of all of the gossip. I talk to a few people from this time in my life two mostly(the boys that live up the street) and the few people that were nice enough to still talk to me when we see each other.  I talk to a few people from jr high and high school, more from the community college I when to and some others though out my life. I need to keep in touch with people better and I am trying.  

That’s a starting point of who I. 

Core Message- inspire people to do something with there time eventually.