3 email sentence

Set up a 3 email sentence to connect and engage with your new subscribers.

I don’t think I can do this homework assignment for day three of the blog to bank challenge.

At this point it is 36 words.  I want to write 300 in every post but this one is giving me problems because I don’t what to start an email list until I figure out my voice.

I understand that I should try to get subscribers an all but I am not worried about that yet.  Finding my way in the world and what entertain people with trial and error is what I am working on.  

To all of the people who already asked me if I have a email list and everything sorry not yet.  I have done a lot of the research to start it.  But with doing that I forget to post.  

My research is a list of pros and cons of the company.  Mission statement of said company.  Do I want to start with a free one or one I have to pay each month.  These are legitimate questions I come up with and concerns.  

The one thing I have figure out so far is Websites cost money.  With that I need to ether make money with this or keep it as it is and just spend 100 dollars a year so I can keep my domain name.  I could start with one the cost money and turn this whole thing into something that make me some money.  I don’t need a lot just enough to pay off some of my bills.

That is another thing I need to think about.  Right now I just trying to figure out if I can post everyday and get people to read my posts.  

I have almost made it to 300 words.