3 email sentence

Set up a 3 email sentence to connect and engage with your new subscribers. I don’t think I can do this homework assignment for day three of the blog to bank challenge. At this point it is 36 words.  I want to write 300 in every post but this one is giving me problems because […]

Lead Generation

Is your blog optimized for lead generation? This is a Homework assignment for day three of the blog to bank Challenge. Truth be told no.  One reason is that my readability sucks.  I am trying hard but the website says my readability needs work.  One of the reason I am doing this is so I […]

Consume and Implement

What free gift can you gift/offer your readers that they can access, consumer, and implement immediately? This is day three of the blog to bank challenge.  I cant do this right now.  There is no way that I can because I there are know ideas coming to my mind but also I am worried about […]

The Processe Looks Like This

The process looks like this.  This is the Process that you get with the blog to bank Challenge. you write a blog post and publish it. you share that post on different social channels. you then sit cross-legged and wait for it to go viral you start thinking you suck at blogging, lose motivation to […]