can i survive in the online biz?

Can I survive in the online biz?                                                 Blog 2 Bank day 1 I learn about 3 C’s which are connection, credibility, and cash.  I have to learn connection with your audience.  […]

Its been a SH** September

Its been a sh**September. I started September in California and ended it in Virginia.  In California it was smoky and I had not seen a sunrise or a sunset in a long time.  Thinking I would be able to be outside a lot more.  Mother nature had other ideas.  Its been 70% overcast weather.   […]

Mission Manassas

I went on an adventure and it was a mission to see Manassas. You could say that this is my first travel blog post about Manassas National Battlefield.  It was interesting being at a place that I have read about in different history classes.  I am from California so I only read about Manassas in […]

Blog to Bank Challenge

I say the blog 2 bank challenge in the last few weeks.  I wrote all of the questions that were apart of it.  Rachel Ngom put it on but at the time I was busy with life but did plan on doing it.  I will be using the questions that she wrote in the emails […]

Conversation with a stranger VP of Human Resources major company

I have conversations with strangers in all sorts of places. This time I was waiting at the physical therapist office for my aunt appointment to be over. A nice lady came in to wait on her father. I started the conversation by telling her she was brave. Why would I start my conversation this was? […]

Tweet Made Me Think Roberto Blake

This tweet from Roberto Blake made me think today. “If someone’s circumstances are not something you’d want for yourself, at least regarding what they are talking about… is it worth taking their advice seriously?” Truth be told I don’t know but this tweet is making me think more on it. I understand people are different. […]