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Go Do Something

People get bored in there everyday life. I know I get bored. Some people Read or write books in there spare time. I do that too and will start writing reviews for said books (this will help me get an audience for when my book comes out). Yep I have been writing a book off and on for the last 10 to 13 years (I am typing it up to get published). I take the DOG in my parents house on long walks twice a day (rain or shine the dog needs to get out). Which leads me to take pictures with my phone. Some people make money off the same type of photos but with better equipment (hay I have a few Instagram followers). You can see some of my pictures in the gallery below.

When I get bored I have fun adventures. Theses adventures could be just taking the dog for a walk near the house or a lunch break when I lived in New York City. The adventures could lead me to some far off places like St. Simons Island in Georgia or on the beaches of Maui. I am going to write post about all of my adventures I had had in the past. Like with three road trips in a year and a half, leaving the country by myself, and adventures in places I have been before. I even Have fun adventures in my own home trying to make things.

“If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past,

do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.”

Roy T. Bennett

The Light in the Heart

Yes I just put a quote there. It is the one the helped me get over my brothers death. I talk about it on my blog post sometimes. There is no shame in how he died but it was shocking to the family. I loved my brother as I love my sister but I cant live in the past. My family has a problem with living an remembering the bad things in life and not getting over them. I have talked to people to stop being like that before my brother past. So with the talks with counselors and phycologist I have tools to get past it. Some people are mad that I have not cried all that much some people are mad that I don’t go crazy about it on the monthly anniversary of his death. I took the time I needed to greave my way there is no reason I have to grieve the same as anyone else because that is who i am. In the future I will be writing more about my brothers death, my grieving proses and how he died it will be under Brother tags on this website/blog.

Simply Being Me Is All I Am Ever Going To Be

You can join me on this Adventure called life. I will post when I post but will send an email once a week about my adventures or what I am thinking. Please join me!!